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EURO 2024 Travel Packages

EURO 2024 Travel Packages

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Euro 2024 Travel Package

Euro 2024 Travel Package

June 14th-July 14th in Germany

Get in on the fun with a Euro 2024 Travel Package. Join eSeats Travel in Germany and experience the incredible atmosphere of European soccer by booking one of our Euro 2024 Ticket and Hotel Travel Packages.  

How to book your package.  Check the schedule and location of the matches at the bottom of this page to determine your Check-In and Check-Out dates.   Once you have decided which match you would like to attend, choose your package above and enter your Check In and Check Out dates. 

About - Established in 2001, is an A+ Rated BBB company and longstanding member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers.   Our goal is to provide you with a great experience when purchasing tickets to major events worldwide.  eSeats Travel is the custom travel package division of our company. 

Included in your Euro 2024 Travel Package

  • (1) CATEGORY 1 Ticket  -  Included with all packages
  • 2 Nights Hotel - 4 star hotel near the stadium
  • Daily Breakfast - Included with your hotel booking

Please note:  Pricing is quoted per person and based on double occupancy (two people per room). Top seeds group matches include one of these teams: Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and England.

Category Seating Map

Euro 2024 Seating Map

Single Person Hotel Room Supplement

  • US$250 per night additional fee per room night.  This additional fee will be charged separately once your booking is received. 


Full Euro 2024 Schedule

Friday, June 14
Match 1: Germany vs. Scotland (Munich; 9 p.m.)

Saturday, June 15
Match 2: Hungary vs. Switzerland (Cologne)
Match 3: Spain vs. Croatia (Berlin)
Match 4: Italy vs. Albania (Dortmund)

Sunday, June 16
Match 6: Slovenia vs. Denmark (Stuttgart)
Match 5: Serbia vs. England (Gelsenkirchen)
Match 7: Playoff Winner A  vs. Netherlands (Hamburg)

Monday, June 17
Match 8: Austria vs. France (Düsseldorf)
Match 9: Belgium vs. Slovakia (Frankfurt)
Match 10: Romania vs. Playoff Winner B (Munich)

Tuesday, June 18
Match 11: Turkey vs. Playoff Winner C (Dortmund)
Match 12: Portugal vs. Czech Republic (Leipzig)

Wednesday, June 19
Match 13: Scotland vs. Switzerland (Cologne)
Match 14: Germany vs. Hungary (Stuttgart)
Match 15: Croatia vs. Albania (Hamburg)

Thursday, June 20
Match 16: Spain vs. Italy (Gelsenkirchen)
Match 17: Denmark vs. England (Frankfurt)
Match 18: Slovenia vs. Serbia (Munich)

Friday, June 21
Match 19: Playoff Winner A  vs. Austria (Berlin)
Match 20: Netherlands vs. France (Leipzig)
Match 21: Slovakia vs. Playoff Winner B (Düsseldorf)

Saturday, June 22
Match 22: Belgium vs. Romania (Cologne)
Match 23: Turkey vs. Portugal (Dortmund)
Match 24: Playoff Winner C vs. Czech Republic (Hamburg)

Sunday, June 23
Match 25: Switzerland vs. Germany (Frankfurt)
Match 26: Scotland vs. Hungary (Stuttgart)

Monday, June 24
Match 27: Albania vs. Spain (Düsseldorf)
Match 28: Croatia vs. Italy (Leipzig)
Match 29: England vs. Slovenia (Cologne)
Match 30: Denmark vs. Serbia (Munich)

Tuesday, June 25
Match 32: France vs. Playoff Winner A  (Dortmund)
Match 31: Netherlands vs. Austria (Berlin)

Wednesday, June 26
Match 34: Playoff Winner B vs. Belgium (Stuttgart)
Match 33: Slovakia vs. Romania (Frankfurt)
Match 36: Czech Republic vs. Turkey (Hamburg)
Match 35: Playoff Winner C vs. Portugal (Gelsenkirchen)


The distribution of third-placed teams will depend upon which four groups provide the teams.

Saturday, June 29
37- Winners of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group C (Dortmund)
38 – Runners-up of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group B (Berlin)

Sunday, June 30
39 – Winners of Group B vs. 3rd in Group A, D, E or F (Cologne)
40 – Winners of Group C vs. 3rd in Group D, E or F (Gelsenkirchen)

Monday, July 1
41 – Winners of Group F vs. 3rd in Group A, B or C (Frankfurt)
42 – Runners-up of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group E (Düsseldorf)

Tuesday, July 2
43 – Winners of Group E vs. 3rd in Group A, B, C or D (Munich)
44 – Winners of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group F (Leipzig)


Friday, July 5
45 – Winners of Match 39 vs. Winners of Match 37 (Stuttgart)
46 – Winners of Match 41 vs. Winners of Match 42 (Hamburg)

Saturday, July 6
47 – Winners of Match 43 vs. Winners of Match 44 (Berlin)
48 – Winners of Match 40 vs. Winners of Match 38 (Düsseldorf)


Tuesday, July 6
49 – Winners of Match 45 vs. Winners of Match 46 (Munich)

Wednesday, July 7
50 – Winners of Match 47 vs. Winners of Match 48 (Dortmund)


Sunday, July 11
Winners of Match 49 vs. Winners of Match 50 (Berlin)

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